Info & Privacy Policies

Life in Digital is a safe, simple start page for the web. Life In Digital provides a safe start page for the web with links to common websites used daily by many web users. It incorporates a google search box for searching via the google search engine. As the users search is performed through google the search is subject to googles terms and privacy policy. This can be read in full by clicking here.

Links to retailers listed below the google search are there to guarantee that the user will be placed on the correct websites. Google searches can provide links to phishing sites an scam websites. As such google searches are beyond our control, for online shopping use the links below the search box. Ebay, Prezzy Box & Electricshop are affiliate links which will generate a commission used for the maintenance of the website. As an Ebay Partner Network member I earn from qualifying purchases. Please click on the appropriate company to view their privacy policies:
eBay - Ideal World.

Life In Digital does not collect any information from you using the page. Any data collection is in accordance with the companies listed above with links to their privacy policies. For any concerns or questions when dealing with any of the above companies please contact them directly. All other online retail sites will have their privacy policy on their own sites. Please visit them directly for updates on their data collection and privacy policies.